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SCI provides high resolution thin-film metrology systems and analysis software products to leading companies in the semiconductor, optoelectronics, data storage, display, MEMS, optical coating, biotechnology, and photovoltaic industries.  SCI offers metrology systems for thin-film material characterization, with models that range from table-top systems suitable for R&D to fully automated, standalone production tools, and software products for thin-film analysis and design.


FilmTek™ spectrophotometry-based metrology systems come in a variety of configurations, and depending on the model can measure reflection, transmission, multiple angle reflection, spectroscopic ellipsometry, and generalized ellipsometry data.  FilmTek™ spectroscopic ellipsometers are based on a rotating compensator design and combine spectroscopic ellipsometry with multiple angle reflectometry to provide peak performance from very-thin to very-thick films.

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