FilmTek 2000 PAR

Micro-spot DUV Spectroscopic Reflectometry

Micro-spot DUV Spectroscopic Reflectometry

The FilmTek™ 2000 PAR is a low-cost solution for high-throughput, fully-automated mapping of patterned wafers for development and production environments. This system combines patented DUV-NIR reflectometry with wafer auto-loader and pattern recognition to deliver unmatched metrology performance at this price point.

The FilmTek™ 2000 PAR utilizes SCI’s patented parabolic mirror technology to measure wavelengths from the deep ultra-violet to the near infrared with a spot size as small as 13µm.

This system comes with advanced material modeling software to make even the most rigorous of measurement tasks reliable and intuitive. FilmTek™ software includes fully user-customizable wafer mapping capabilities to rapidly generate 2D and 3D data maps of any measured parameter. In addition to user-defined patterns, standard map patterns include polar, X-Y, rθ, or linear.

FilmTek™ 2000 PAR incorporates SCI’s generalized material model with advanced global optimization algorithms for simultaneous determination of multiple film characteristics within a fraction of 1 second per site.

Key Features:

  • Automated stage with autofocus
  • Automated wafer handling
  • Camera for imaging measurement location
  • Pattern recognition
  • 50 micron spot size

Measurement Capabilities:

Simultaneous determination of:

  • Multiple layer thicknesses
  • Indices of refraction [ n(λ) ]
  • Extinction (absorption) coefficients [ k(λ) ]
  • Energy band gap [ Eg ]
  • Composition (e.g., %Ge in SiGex, % Ga in GaxIn1-xAs, %Al in AlxGa1-xAs, etc.)
  • Surface roughness
  • Constituent, void fraction
  • Crystallinity/Amorphization (e.g., degree of crystallinity of Poly-Si or GeSbTe films)
  • Film gradient

Optional Features:

  • Small spot size (13 µm)
  • Pattern recognition (Cognex)
  • Cassette to cassette wafer handling


Virtually all translucent films ranging in thickness from less than 100 angstroms to approximately 150 microns can be measured with high precision. Typical applications include:

  • Semiconductor and Dielectric materials
  • Multilayer optical coatings
  • Optical antireflection coatings
  • Electro-optical materials
  • Solar cells
  • Computer disks
  • Coated glass
  • Laser mirrors
  • Thin metals
  • Biomedical

Example Films

  • SiOx
  • SiNx
  • DLC
  • SOG
  • Photoresist
  • Thin metals
  • a-Si
  • a-C:H
  • ITO
  • Polysilicon
  • Polyimide
  • Low k dielectric films

Example Substrates

  • Silicon
  • SOI
  • SOS
  • GaAs
  • PET
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Glass


Technical Specifications
Film thickness range: 3nm to 150µm
Film thickness accuracy: ±1.5Å for NIST traceable standard oxide 1000Å to 1µm
Spectral range: 190nm to 1700nm (240nm to 1000nm is standard)
Measurement spot size: 13µm to 300µm (50µm is standard)
Wafer size: 50mm to 300mm (150mm standard)
Spectral resolution: 0.3-2nm
Light source: Regulated deuterium-halogen lamp (2,000 hrs lifetime)
Detector type: 2048 pixel Sony linear CCD array / 512 pixel cooled Hamamatsu InGaAs CCD array (NIR)
Computer: Multi-core processor with Windows™ 7 Operating System
Measurement time: <1 sec per site (e.g., oxide film)
Data acquisition time: 0.2 sec


Performance Specifications
Film(s) Thickness Measured Parameters Precision (1σ)
Oxide / Si 200-500 Å t 0.5 Å
500-10,000 Å t 0.25 Å
1000 Å t , n 0.25 Å / 0.001
Nitride / Si 200-10,000 Å t 0.25 Å
Photoresist / Si 200-10,000 Å t 0.5 Å
a-Si / Oxide / Si 200-10,000 Å t 0.5 Å