FilmTek 1000

Reflection and Transmission Spectrophotometry

Reflection Spectrophotometry for film thickness measurement
FilmTek™ 1000 with Automated XY Stage
Reflection Spectrophotometry for film thickness measurement
FilmTek™ 1000M

The FilmTek™ 1000 series is an accurate and affordable solution for routine measurement of thin film thickness and refractive index. It combines a fiber-optic spectrophotometer with intuitive, high-performance material modeling software to make daily measurement tasks reliable and simple.

The FilmTek™ 1000M configuration has a small spot size and comes equipped with a manual or optional automatic XY stage to accommodate 75-300mm wafer sizes. The FilmTek™ 1500 measures both transmission and reflection at normal incidence and is ideal for transparent substrates.

FilmTek™ software includes fully user-customizable mapping capabilities to rapidly generate 2D and 3D data maps of any measured parameter. In addition to user-defined patterns, standard map patterns include polar, X-Y, rθ, or linear.

Measurement Capabilities:

FilmTek™ 1000/1500 incorporates SCI’s generalized material model with advanced global optimization algorithms for simultaneous determination of:

  • Multiple layer thicknesses
  • Indices of refraction [ n(λ) ]
  • Extinction (absorption) coefficients [ k(λ) ]

Low cost

The cost of ownership of a FilmTek™ 1000/1500 is a small fraction of comparable instruments.


FilmTek™ 1000 software is designed so that minimal experience in thin film optical design or measurement techniques is required.


Virtually all translucent films ranging in thickness from 100 angstroms to approximately 150 microns can be measured with high precision. Typical applications include:

  • Semiconductor and Dielectric materials
  • Multilayer optical coatings
  • Optical antireflection coatings
  • Electro-optical materials
  • Computer disks
  • Coated glass
  • Laser mirrors
  • Thin metals

Example Films

  • SiOx
  • SiNx
  • DLC
  • SOG
  • Photoresist
  • a-Si
  • a-C:H
  • ITO
  • Polysilicon
  • Polyimide
  • Low k dielectric films
  • Thin metals


FilmTek™ 1000/1500 includes:

  • VIS/NIR spectrophotometer
  • VIS/NIR light source
  • Fiber optic cables
  • Fixed stage with optics
  • Computer with multi-core processor running Windows™ 7 Operating System

Optional Features:

  • Computer controlled automated stage
  • Camera for viewing measurement location (FilmTekTM 1000M only)


FilmTek™ 1000 / 1000M / 1500 Technical Specifications
Film thickness range: 10nm-350µm (10nm-150µm standard)
Film thickness accuracy: ±2Å for NIST traceable standard oxide 1000Å to 1µm
Spectral range: 380nm-950nm
FilmTek™ 1000/1500 measurement spot size: 2mm to 5mm (5mm standard)
FilmTek™ 1000M measurement spot size: 60µm (4x objective) or 24µm (10x objective)
Sample size: 2mm to 300mm
Spectral resolution: 0.3nm
FilmTek™ 1000/1500 Light source: Regulated halogen lamp (10,000 hrs lifetime)
FilmTek™ 1000M Light source: Regulated halogen lamp (2,000 hrs lifetime)
Detector type: 2048 pixel Sony linear CCD array
Computer: Multi-core processor with Windows™ 7 Operating System
Measurement time: <1 sec per site (e.g., oxide film)


Performance Specifications
Film(s) Thickness Measured Parameters Precision (1σ)
Oxide / Si 100-1000nm t 0.05 nm
1-150 µm t 0.005% Å