FilmTek CD

SCI’s leading-edge solution for fully-automated, high-throughput CD measurement and advanced film analysis for the 1x nm design node and beyond. Delivers real-time multi-layer stack characterization and CD measurement simultaneously, for both known and completely unknown structures. Patented multimodal measurement technology meets the challenging demands associated with the most complex semiconductor design features in development and production.

FilmTek 2000M TSV

Advanced semiconductor packaging metrology system providing an unmatched combination of speed, accuracy, and precision for high-throughput measurements of resist thickness, through silicon vias (TSVs), Cu-pillars, bumps, redistribution layer (RDL) and other packaging processes.

FilmTek 2000M

Micro-spot size benchtop metrology system engineered for unparalleled versatility and high performance, meeting the needs of patterned film applications requiring a very small spot size. Allows for measurement spot sizes as small as 2µm, and delivers reliable measurement of both thin and thick films. Capabilities can be expanded to perform fully-automated imaging-based critical dimension (CD) measurement of patterned samples.