FilmTek™ 2000M TSV Metrology Advantages

  • Fully automated metrology platform for fast and reliable critical dimension, etch depth, and film thickness measurement over a wide range of TSV sizes and aspect ratios
  • CD precision (1σ) < 0.2%
  • Etch depth precision (1σ) < 0.005%
  • Film thickness range: 10nm – 350μm
  • Film thickness precision (1σ) < 0.005%
  • Measurement time of 1-2 seconds per point
  • Pattern recognition by Cognex
  • Lowest total cost of ownership

Depth Measurement of High Aspect Ratio TSV Structures


  • Interference between reflected waves is caused by optical path length difference between the top and bottom surfaces of the TSV structure
  • The spot size must be small (same order as via diameter) and the measurement beam must be nearly collimated to observe interference in the reflected light
  • Patented FilmTek™ technology allows a small measurement spot size without the use of a high power objective


Case Study: Comparison of TSV Etch Depth by FilmTek™ 2000M TSV and SEM

Via Diameter (µm) Etch Depth (µm) SEM Etch Depth (μm) FilmTek™ 2000M TSV
5 44.5 44.3
10 55.5 55.5
15 62.0 61.8
20 66.5 66.8
  • Excellent agreement between FilmTek™ 2000M TSV and SEM data