FilmTek 3000

Delivers efficient and accurate transmission and reflection measurement of unpatterned films deposited on transparent substrates. Ideally suited for measuring the thickness and optical constants of very thin absorbing films. Combines DUV-NIR fiber-optic spectrophotometer, an automated stage, and advanced material modeling software to make even the most rigorous of measurement tasks reliable and intuitive.

FilmTek 2000

Automated metrology system designed for rapid, reliable, and accurate characterization of nearly any unpatterned thin film. Fully user-customizable wafer mapping capabilities rapidly generate 2D and 3D data maps of any measured parameter. Capable of simultaneous determination of multiple film characteristics within a fraction of 1 second per site.

FilmTek Solar

FilmTekā„¢ Solar is an accurate and economical film thickness measurement system that is designed specifically for textured substrates. Unlike competing ellipsometer designs, no special stage tilting or sample alignment is necessary with the FilmTekā„¢ Solar