FilmTek 4000

Fully-automated wafer metrology optimized for photonic integrated circuit manufacturing. Delivers unmatched measurement accuracy, with a 100x performance advantage over the best non-contact method and 10x that of the best prism coupler contact systems. Designed to enable optical component manufacturers to increase functional yield of their products, reliably and at lower cost.

FilmTek 3000 PAR-SE

Engineered to meet the needs of any advanced thin film measurement application, excelling at material characterization on both transparent and non-transparent substrates. Combines spectroscopic ellipsometry, DUV multi-angle polarized reflectometry, and transmission measurement with a wide spectral range to meet the most challenging of measurement demands in both R&D and production. Patented parabolic mirror technology allows for a small spot size down to 50µm, ideal for direct measurement of product wafers and patterned films.

FilmTek 3000 PAR

Metrology system with a 50µm spot that delivers high-performance transmission and reflection measurement of patterned films deposited on transparent substrates. Ideally suited for measuring the thickness and optical constants of very thin absorbing films.