FilmTek 2000 PAR-SE

Our most advanced benchtop metrology solution, engineered to meet the needs of nearly any advanced thin film measurement application, from R&D to production. Combines spectroscopic ellipsometry and DUV multi-angle polarized reflectometry with a wide spectral range to deliver the highest accuracy, precision, and versatility in the industry. Patented parabolic mirror technology allows for a small spot size down to 50µm, ideal for direct measurement of product wafers and patterned films.

FilmTek 2000M

Micro-spot size benchtop metrology system engineered for unparalleled versatility and high performance, meeting the needs of patterned film applications requiring a very small spot size. Allows for measurement spot sizes as small as 2µm, and delivers reliable measurement of both thin and thick films.

FilmTek 2000

Automated metrology system designed for rapid, reliable, and accurate characterization of nearly any unpatterned thin film. Fully user-customizable wafer mapping capabilities rapidly generate 2D and 3D data maps of any measured parameter. Capable of simultaneous determination of multiple film characteristics within a fraction of a second per site.