FilmTek 3000 PAR

Micro-spot DUV Reflection and Transmission Spectrophotometry

DUV Reflection and Transmission Spectrophotometry

The FilmTek™ 3000 PAR combined reflection-transmission spectrophotometer provides efficient and accurate measurement of patterned films deposited on transparent substrates. It is ideally suited for measuring the thickness and optical constants of very thin absorbing films.

The FilmTek™ 3000 PAR utilizes SCI’s patented parabolic mirror technology to achieve a small spot size down to 50µm.

This system comes with advanced material modeling software to make even the most rigorous of measurement tasks reliable and intuitive. FilmTek™ software includes fully user-customizable sample mapping capabilities to rapidly generate 2D and 3D data maps of any measured parameter. In addition to user-defined patterns, standard map patterns include polar, X-Y, rθ or linear.

FilmTek™ 3000 PAR incorporates SCI’s generalized material model with advanced global optimization algorithms for simultaneous determination of multiple film characteristics.

Key Features:

  • Spectroscopic reflection
  • Spectroscopic transmission
  • Automated stage with autofocus
  • Camera for imaging measurement location
  • 50 micron spot size
  • Pattern recognition
  • Optional automated sample handling

Measurement Capabilities:

Simultaneous determination of:

  • Multiple layer thicknesses
  • Indices of refraction [ n(λ) ]
  • Extinction (absorption) coefficients [ k(λ) ]
  • Energy band gap [ Eg ]
  • Constituent, void fraction
  • Surface roughness


Technical Specifications
Film thickness range: 3nm to 150µm
Film thickness accuracy: ±1.5Å for NIST traceable standard oxide 1000Å to 1µm
Spectral range: 220 nm to 1700nm (220nm to 1000nm is standard)
Measurement spot size: 25µm to 300µm (50µm standard)
Sample size: 50mm to 300mm (150mm standard)
Spectral resolution: 0.3-2nm
Light source: Regulated deuterium-halogen lamp (2,000 hrs lifetime)
Detector type: 2048 pixel Sony linear CCD array / 512 pixel cooled Hamamatsu InGaAs CCD array (NIR)
Computer: Multi-core processor with Windows™ 7 Operating System
Measurement time: <1 sec per site (e.g., oxide film)


Performance Specifications
Film(s) Thickness Measured Parameters Precision (1σ)
Oxide / Si 200-500 Å t 0.5 Å
500-10,000 Å t 0.25 Å
1000 Å t , n 0.25 Å / 0.001
Nitride / Si 200-10,000 Å t 0.5 Å
Photoresist / Si 200-10,000 Å t 0.5 Å
a-Si / Oxide / Si 200-10,000 Å t 0.5 Å