We offer sample measurement services in our Carlsbad, CA facility. The measurement laboratory is equipped with SCI’s state-of-the-art metrology systems that measure multi-angle polarized reflection, transmission, spectroscopic ellipsometry, and polarimetry data from the deep UV to NIR. Our expert team of PhD level scientists with extensive experience in metrology applications will characterize your samples and provide you with a detailed analysis report. Feel free to contact us to discuss your metrology needs.

FilmTek™ metrology systems can measure a broad array of single and multi-layer films including metallic, semiconductor, amorphous, crystalline, and dielectric materials on virtually any substrate. FilmTek™ systems can simultaneously determine:

  • Multiple layer thicknesses (from <1Å to 250 microns)
  • Indices of refraction [ n(λ) ] (both TE and TM components of index)
  • Extinction (absorption) coefficients [ k(λ) ]
  • Anisotropy and birefringence (nx, ny, nz)
  • Energy band gap [ Eg ]
  • Surface roughness and damage
  • Porosity, alloy composition, and crystallinity (EMA model)
  • Film properties versus temperature
  • Film properties versus depth
  • Wafer curvature and film stress
  • TSV or trench depth and width
  • Multiple CD parameters (period, line width, trench depth, and sidewall angle)